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Work with Mike at BP Athletics to get the most out of your dog's obedience! Whether it's starting off your puppy with a great foundation, teaching your dog some basic obedience, or taking your dog's obedience to the next level, Mike can help you achieve those goals!

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My Story

Mike started his love for dog training and dog behavior when attending university for psychology. Learning about behavior set him on a path to working with dogs and helping to change the lives of dogs and their families. After attending university in Toronto, Mike moved to Calgary and started walking and training dogs for some friends and family members. The plan was to start a dog-walking company, but after 2 years, he decided to move back to Toronto to be closer to his family and friends. This is when he ran into an old friend, the one and only owner of Big Paws, Kevin. Big Paws was growing rapidly and looking to grow their team, so Mike came on board to help manage the company and has been working as a manager and raw food specialist for Big Paws since 2017.


He has been able to help many dogs to change and improve their diets and has taught countless people the amazing benefits of feeding a raw diet to their dog. While working for Big Paws, he continued learning everything he could about training dogs, dog behavior, dog sports, and anything dog-related.


Mike continued to help friends, family, and anyone else he could with issues they had with their dogs. He has helped many people communicate more effectively with their dogs to create respect and understanding between them and strengthen the bonds that they share with their dogs.


In 2022, Big Paws opened their training facility, BP Athletics. After helping Big Paws grow to the level it is today, Mike hopes to continue helping people with their dogs and all their training needs. Mike is able to work with a variety of training methods and tools to help suit many different dogs and their individual needs.


If you want to learn how to better communicate with your dog and work with a team of dedicated trainers, check out Mike at BP Athletics and let him share his love, passion, and knowledge of dogs with you.

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